Property Caretaker & Maintenance

Precision Carpentry & Remodeling is highly experienced with large property management contractors and designers in which we are capable in providing you with new ideas, overseeing your project, scheduling and more.

  • Manage properties and/or contractors: We can eliminate the stress and worries of having to manage different contractors at multiple locations with a central management team. By having one go-to source, you can be more assured things do not fall through the cracks and that your project is completed on time. Your contractors will enjoy it because they, too, only have one person to deal with rather than having to track you down at different hours throughout the day.Our caretaker & maintenance services are available no matter where your properties are across the United States; however, we can provide personal, on-site services inside Florida or in the Caribbean Islands.
  • We can interpret the contract for you so that you can better understand its contents in order to help you resolve any claims or questions submitted by contractors.
  • We are also able to coordinate, negotiate, execute and monitor the compliance of all contractor contracts on your behalf.
  • We can help distribute the contract “packages” assigned to each contractor and help with billing information and the billing process
  • Obtain the insurance policies and any other compliance requirements from the various contractors to ensure all conditions are satisfied before the project(s) begin
  • Ensure all permits are properly pulled and local requirements are met
  • Make sure all aspects of the contracts are adhered to in order to get the project(s) completed properly and on time
  • Be a source of communications to you so you will always understand how the project(s) are going so you can focus on your primary business

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