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Below you will find a few pictures of some of the recent renovations and remodels that we have completed recently. We attempted to provide a cross section sampling of different kinds of work from kitchen renovations, bedroom renovations and remodels and full room builds.

We take the utmost care when working at your home, making sure that we continually clean after ourselves and that every inch of the job is spot on target. Nothing is left to chance because that's the meticulous attention we would give to our house and we do the same at yours.

After you view these pictures, contact us so we can discuss your personal project. Maybe your renovation or remodel will be the next example people see on this page.

The following group of pictures are "Before and After" pictures of a kitchen remodeling job that was finished the first quarter of 2016. Every effort was made to take the pictures from the same angle so you could better visualize the differences.

The before and after shots will be next to one another unless there were more than two pictures taken, in which case, we will do everything we can to distinguish the additional images as part of the group.

You may click on an image to see a larger version of it then click the "Back" arrow of your browser to get back to this page.




Island open - from the side shown in the image above.





Below you will find images of various projects that have been accomplished recently simply a sampling of the variety of jobs we handle. Clicking on an image will open a page specific to that project with additional images, if available, and more information about the project.