Complete Carpentry Service Since 1988

There is no job to big or too small. Quality and Customer Satisfaction is our number one goal.

Precision Carpentry and Remodeling LLC has been involved in the construction industry for twenty-seven years (as of this writing) under the sole direction of owner and operator, John Mac Iver III.

John opened the company in 1988 because he loves working with wood and enjoys seeing his customer’s faces when they first view their completed project. “The satisfaction I get out of seeing my customers pleased is all the reward I need to continue loving this business,” says John.


John and his crew attempt to always “see the unknown” and prepare for it. He has seen too many times where companies will quote a job knowing that additional work would have to be done because something is hidden from the customer’s view. The customer accepts the job and the price only to find that something “hidden” and “unknown” was supposedly found after the fact.

Most all professional contractors should understand how structures are built; therefore, know how the insides of the walls should be designed before opening them. This tactic used by more unscrupulous contractors is something that will never happen when working with Precision Carpentry and Remodeling. Yes, we do run into surprises on accession but, when we do, it’s because someone in the past modified something incorrectly or something was incorrectly designed or modified before we arrived.

Knowing that John will explain to you any potential surprises you may encounter by designing the way you intend should provide you a lot of piece of mind and will certainly save you loads of money. Precision Carpentry and Remodeling doesn’t like these surprises any more than you do because they pride themselves in accurately knowing your project details and completing jobs on time.

Preparing for what may happen if you don’t think of it beforehand is a key to a successful, on-the-money job.

John can also help you understand the best utilization of your space so that you maximize its potential. That’s because John and his crew are not simply there to say, “Yes”, even though it’s something you want. By discussing options and showing examples of better designs he can usually help steer you towards the perfect design for your situation.

Precision Carpentry & Remodeling works with only the most reputable suppliers in order to meet their elevated standards for quality and consistency. This strong association of construction management expertise produces a hassle-free custom building process. The end result of this extraordinary process is a finely finished luxury custom project that you and your family will cherish for years to come. We are able to perform with precision, on time and within budget.

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